Chris Martin Celebrates 35 Years At King & Heath

September 19, 2017

Chris Martin Celebrates 35 Years At King & Heath

Chris Martin, Managing Director of First National King & Heath, is celebrating 35 years with King & Heath.

Being such a momentous occasion we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit down and have a chat to him Matt Baylis talks to him about his memories over that time and what has driven him to stay with the same company for 35 years.

Not many people can say they have spent 35 years in one industry never mind with one company so it’s a fantastic achievement.  You must be feeling pretty proud.

Yes I am Matt, thank you very much.  It is something to be proud of.  You still wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t enjoy it and I suppose that’s one of the benefits of having a job that you do enjoy.

Having spent so long in the real estate industry what have been the biggest changes you have seen over the past 35 years?

Especially in the last 10 years, the changes in technology and the way its’ moved forward and the way it’s continuing to change at a rate of knots. That is something we are very mindful of at King and Heath and strive to be in line with or in front of the industry standards.

How did you get your job with King and Heath?

After spending a couple of boring years in the public service I decided to peruse real estate through a 2 year course at RMIT where I obtained my full real estate Licence. During the course I was at a BBQ with the late Chas Heath who was managing director at the time and by the end of the night I came away with a job.

What has been your favourite part of the job?

Overall it’s the joy that comes from putting buyers and sellers together. In my current role however I love watching people grow and succeed in their careers.

You have come a long way from your first job in King and Heath 35 years ago.  Can you remember your first sale?

A vacant Block of Land for around $10,000 in East Bairnsdale. I actually started in property management and while that was great I really wanted to be in sales. After 18 months I moved in to full time sales and after about 8 years I started to dabble in commercial sales which I found particularly enjoyable. When King and Heath had 15 offices covering the entire Gippsland region I moved in to the commercial sales manager role for all of the offices.

During your career you have been part of a driving force for the change of East Gippsland.

Thank you for that but there are certainly people who have done far more for the area than myself, but we have been fortunate enough to be able to assist whether it be leasing or selling commercial buildings or land for developers such as the Eastwood development for which we have been selling land for the past 25 years. Developments such as this have certainly seen a big change and have been great for the area.

So, what has been your greatest achievement to date?

As corny as it may sound I would have to say my family. I am very proud of them and their support has allowed me to focus very strongly on the company which in turn has given me other great opportunities and experiences.

35 Years… Where to from now?

I still love going to work every day and enjoy the challenges which come with it. So while everyone is still wants me around I will continue coming in to work.

Congratulations Chris, we wish you many more happy years at King & Heath!

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