Real Estate Appraisal Gippsland

How Much is My Home in Gippsland Worth?

Gippsland has many towns located within its region. This is a rural region that borders on the Tasman Sea, Bass Strait, New South Wales and The Great Dividing Range covering 41,566 kmĀ².
As the Gippsland region is so vast it is hard to value the median price of homes or land. For example the median price of a home in Bairnsdale is $253,000 and in Orbost it is $158,000. Our appraisers base their property prices on experience and an intimate knowledge of the region. We have sold over 4670 properties. These include houses, rural homes, apartments, units and land. We will take you through the process of how we arrive at a price. This is generally based on location and recent property sales within the area you are selling your home. Currently we have over 680 properties for sale in Gippsland.

Rental Appraisal Gippsland

Do you have an investment property you wish to rent out? Our property management team have managed 1000’s of properties in Gippsland. We base our rental values on current leasing returns. We manage the property from collecting the rent to all maintenance issues. We are fair to both landlord and tenant. We adopt a zero tolerance on rents that have lapsed into arrears. We furnish our landlords with complete tax accounting figures. Our rental appraisers are very experienced in valuing lease fees for residential or commercial properties.

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