Quality front door an open-and-shut case

Making a great first impression is one of the most essential recommendations for any home.

One element often ignored is the front door, which can set the tone for the rest of the property.

If yours is a little shabby or weather-worn, we have some suggestions for you, highlighting how to select an appropriate replacement.


The age and architecture of your property should be a guiding light for you in selecting a new front door. For example, if you have a Federation home, it’s crucial for the integrity of the architecture that your front door suits the rest of the exterior.


The door’s security doesn’t just depend on the lock. Ensure the frame and hinges are strong to deter intruders.

Screen doors

A steel screen door can enhance the security of your home. When making a purchase, ensure it has 316 marine-grade steel to prevent premature rusting.

Paint job

If you don’t need to replace the front door, give it a facelift. Primary colours, along with gloss black, are the height of fashion.


If you consider a front door with glass, ensure it has safety glass. Buying a cheap product and having an untrained tradesperson install it will often lead to disappointment. A quality door should come with guarantees of workmanship and materials.

Bonus benefits

Make sure the door has thermal qualities to help insulate your home from heat and cold and reduce any street noise.

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