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Rental Provider FAQ’s
Frequently asked questions answered for Rental Providers.

How do you determine the best rent for my property?

We always strive to get you the maximum rent possible; however we must also keep in mind setting the correct market rent to have your property rented as soon as possible. Our property managers will research the market, compare your property with other properties and work with you to set an achievable rental return.

Do you guarantee the renter?

Unfortunately, no renter can be guaranteed as even the best of renter’s circumstances can change along the way. We have very strict guidelines for checking all references on a tenancy application and also conduct checks on both of the tenancy databases to ensure they have not had a default against them. We then present all applications to the owner for choosing.

Can I rent the property furnished?

You are more than welcome to offer your property with furniture included, however we find that many long- term renters already have their own furniture. Also under the Residential Tenancy Act you need to ensure that everything included in the property is in a good working order, therefore if any electrical goods break down, they must be replaced.

Who pays for water usage?

As a Rental Provider, you are responsible for the water rates on a property and the renter pays for their water usage. We lodge the renters with East Gippsland Water at the beginning of the tenancy. However if a property has a shared water meter (eg. Block of units) then the owner is responsible to pay the renters usage charges.

What if I want more rent than you believe the property is worth?

You may place your property on the rental market at a higher amount if you wish, however keep in mind that it’s the market demand that sets the rent. Therefore your property may stay vacant for longer than necessary and each week a rental property is vacant, you lose 2% of your yearly income.

What happens if the renter leaves before the lease end?

If the renter needs to vacate the property before the end of the fixed term tenancy, the renter is to pay the owner compensation, this is usually the rent up until a new renter is secured and part of the initial letting fee.

Are you the cheapest in town?

We offer the best value for money. We offer a range of options, with the flexibility to satisfy every client. We will assess your property, eg – location, rental income and property condition and advise of our fee structure to suit your needs.

What happens if my renter doesn’t pay their rent?

Our zero tolerance to rent arrears policy ensures that renters stay up to date with their rent. However, if for some reason your renter falls behind, we will work with them to bring the rent up to date immediately. If this continues, under the Residential Tenancy Act we can issue a Notice to Vacate if a renter is 14 days in arrears. You will be notified and left to decide whether that is the best solution.