Take the Guesswork
Out of Selling

With one of the largest and most detailed databases in East Gippsland, we are able to identify and engage with relevant buyers for your property from the moment you list with us.

Our Selling Process

When planning for a successful sale, here are some key points to consider

Agent Selection

Great care should be taken when deciding which agent to trust. Crucial selling decisions are made by your agent.

Method Of Sale

This choice will dictate your chance of getting the best price with no damage to your digital footprint.


What is market price? The price willing buyers are prepared to pay for your property today.


Thousands of dollars in equity vanish everyday through unnecessary & expensive advertising and poor pricing tactics.


A good inspection is so much more than opening your house for strangers.


To achieve the highest price possible for your property, an integrated negotiation strategy is essential.


Hiring a bad agent costs a lot more than just their selling fee. The right agents adds tens of thousands to your bottom line.


If an agent is not prepared to guarantee their service, why offer it?

The average gain from having the right agent working for you is:


Make no mistake, the ability of the agent you select will have a huge influence over the final price you receive

A Successful Sale

King & Heath First National’s marketing strategy is designed to connect your property with the best buyers in the market today

Selling 7 Days

Rather than an individual salesperson handling buyer enquiry on your home, our full-time sales team ensures your property is available for inspection 7 days a week.

Database Management

As all past and new enquiries have been recorded in our agency’s Central Database, our sales team are able to continually, follow up all enquiry to guarantee all potential buyers are aware of your property.

Creating Urgency

Rather than waiting for new buyers to respond to advertising, following up existing enquiries via our central database allows us to build urgency and create competition on your property.

Phone Calls

Contacting potential buyers directly ensures we are able to discuss in detail the features and benefits that will attract them to your property in favour of others.


Our ability to quickly and effectively market your property on mass to potential buyers ensures your property is in front of the right buyers in the fastest time possible.

Creating Sales

Discussing your property face-to-face with other residents in your neighbourhood through a ‘Heart Buyer Search’ and flyer distribution is crucial for creating additional interest.

King & Heath First National Offers You:

Salaried Professionals

Professional agents have the responsibility to sell your property for the highest price within the allotted time frame with as little financial risk to you as possible. A significant salary supplemented with commission provides the professional both financial security and incentive.

A Genuine Sales Team

The benefits of employing a genuine team are many. Your property never has a day off and a good team competes with one another for the best price rather than the first price.

Ongoing Training and Learning for its Agents

The most common and dangerous way to hire an agent is gut instinct, sale price estimate and fee charged – many agents promise much and deliver little. Yes, an agent should be considered on likability, but also on their marketing and negotiation skills. Skills that are easy to demonstrate but hard learnt through training, study and mentioning.

A Dismissal Guarantee

While still obtaining the associated benefits of employing and agent on an exclusive agreement, a dismissal guarantee is effective in avoiding the danger of being stuck with the wrong agent. The night agent will always back their ability to get a great result with a genuine dismissal guarantee.

What else is important to you?

Every individual and family are in different circumstances and have differing priorities. Time, price, and privacy are some relevant real estate examples. Privacy is essential to getting the best price, but is rarely respected by agents when selling. Is there anything else as your agents we should know?

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