Tips To Help You Sell During Lockdowns

Selling your property during this latest lockdown is not “mission impossible”. There are many technologies and techniques to help you maximise the value of your home despite the pandemic.

Buyer demand is still at record highs even though restrictions have been placed on inspections.

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic’s impact on property, it’s that lockdowns create a pent-up buyer demand that has previously created increases in prices. Additionally, buyers are comfortable with using new technologies to make their purchases.

Video, virtual and 3D tours of homes have been a huge hit, and many buyers have stated their preference for the transparency of online auctions rather than those carried out on-site or in an auction room.

Lockdown can be a great time to sell. Genuine buyers never stop looking but as some owners get anxious and pull out of the market they’ll have fewer properties from which to choose. This means the in-balance between supply and demand will work in your favour even more.

If you’re thinking of selling, here are a few activities we believe are critical to a successful lockdown property sale:

  1. Snap happy – Nothing ignites the imagination of a potential buyer like quality photography and during a lockdown, they have plenty of time to think about their big move. You want to be at the forefront of their minds and it’s the great photos that make your home stand out.
  2. Target market – We’ll identify the most likely buyers of your home – whether they are families, singles or young couples. This will instruct us on how and where to pitch your property.
  3. Be marketing-smart – Leveraging social media is a great way to reach your target market especially when the photography is stunning.
  4. Unconverted leads – As your agent, we can show you how we’ll leverage contacts made in the last six months about properties similar to your own. While some of these potential buyers might have bought elsewhere, the lack of properties on the market means many are probably still looking.
  5. Video tours – Video and virtual tours can be shown on Instagram, Facebook, it’s usually best to have them handled professionally.
  6. 3D tours – These professionally-produced tours allow potential buyers to walk through your home using their computers. Buyers get a sense of size and space using 360-degree rendering of any room, and the garden and entertainment area.
  7. Stage your home – For a wow factor, consider staging your home. Presentation counts for so much in real estate, and this is an ideal approach – and can cheer you up during lockdown! A consultant will choose and hire furnishings to put your property in its best light. Don’t decide on this at the last minute. You’d want the photography and virtual tour to capitalise on this strategy.


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