Our new owners corporation management

How we take away your worries

We’re local

We know your unit, your street, your town. Is your current manager?

24/7 access

We provide 24/7 online access to your bylaws and access to expert advice to guide you

Best practice

Our systems and processes are industry best-practice and compliant at all times.

Future scoping

As a full service property specialist, we are highly qualified to provide advice on your property investment and capital works plan.

Insurance currency

We provide 24/7 online access to your insurance policy details and scheme’s annual insurance policy reviews, and we have strata insurance experts to guide you.

Value for money

We have the unique capability of offering three different levels of service if you so choose. This ensures you have a competitive service, tailored to your needs.

Manage meetings

We manage your meetings professionally, produce compliant agendas and minutes, and efficiently generate the compliance work orders, which result from those meetings.

All records available

We provide access to 100% of your scheme’s books and records. As a web-based system you can choose when, how and what records you want to view/download or interact with 24/7.

Access financial records

We provide live, 24/7 access to your scheme’s individual bank account(s). Plus monthly reports are sent to the treasurer including annual EFY report and budget.